Body Mist - Water Lilly

Rs. 799
  • 100% Natural flowery fragrance with a long-lasting, pleasant, attractive & charming aroma
  • Natural astringent & mild exfoliant that helps in reducing dullness, oiliness & uneven texture leaving you with smoother, brighter, younger looking skin
  • Travel friendly packing with a refined pump
  • Directions to use: Spray the body mist towards yourself from approximately 1 foot, directing it towards all the desired areas of your body. After you spray the body mist, step into the mist in the air to allow the body mist to cover your skin completely. Best to apply the body mist immediately after towel drying after a shower or bath as your pores are open then and will retain the scent for a longer duration. DO NOT SRAY INTO YOUR EYES. IT MAY CAUSE SEVERE IRRITATION.

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